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Goat Milk Soap: How to Make Them Last a Lifetime

Goat Milk Soap: How to Make Them Last a LifetimeContrary to popular belief, goat milk soap provides a reliable length of service just like your average commercial soap.

Glycerin, a soapmaking byproduct known for its strong moisturizing properties, is added back to natural soap together with extra oils to make it effective in nourishing the skin.

Meanwhile, chemically-infused commercial soaps take out glycerin as much as possible and include harsh ingredients which are actually harmful to the skin. Well, that should be no surprise to you anymore because let’s face it: cheaper products are not exactly the best all the time.

To make more sense out of these chemical talk we can sum it up to this: the more glycerin there is in a soap, the shorter its lifespan is. Indeed, unlike goat milk soap, commercial soaps are not super-fatted and does not have enough glycerin content to affect its length of service--easily making it last longer than natural soaps.

However, we don’t expect this to be a huge deal breaker for you.

There’s an effective workaround to this whole dilemma so you don’t have to worry anymore. But this doesn’t mean you’re free to wash away with unlimited suds and expect your soap to last a lifetime.

You must remember there are a number of factors that can affect the life of your goat milk bar soap. And adhering to certain steps to proper use can ultimately prevent you from running out of your favorite soap without a moment’s notice.

Now, the question is: how can you make your goat milk soap last?

Put your loofah to good use

In case you haven’t noticed yet, your hands can’t simply produce that much lather as much as you want them to.

This is where the use of a handy loofah or a simple washcloth can be put to good use. The next time you want to lather yourself up in Detox Goat Milk soap goodness, try scrubbing the soap to your loofah instead of your hands.

Soon enough you’ll notice that it can easily produce and even retain much needed lather that will make you feel more moisturized than ever. Plus you get double the cleansing power.

So scrub away!

Stay away from the water

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the main culprit to watch out for is water.

To make sure your favorite free from the threat of melting away inside your precious bath, keep it away from direct hit or source of water.

Stow it in a place where it can be safely tucked and accessed. Yes, don’t store it in a spot directly hit by shower water. If you do, it’s safe to assume that in less than a week, your favorite bar is already a goner.

Instead, you can use a soap dispenser with strain which has a reliable capacity to free your soap from the possibility of melting in water. It’s cheap, accessible, and a genius way to fully protect your goat milk bar from the dangers of abusive exposure.

Dry it out

How to Make Goat Milk Soap Last LongerA wise user knows how to take initiatives. It’s easy to use a loofah and easier to buy a soap dispenser, but what will measure your discipline is the way you take care of your bar soap.

Okay, you might think it’s crazy that we used the word soap and discipline in a sentence but it’s not. At the end of the day, it’s best if your soap bar should at least be fully dried,

If possible, the ratio should be one bar soap to one user. Keep in mind that if you let your bar dry out before the next use, there’s a higher chance that it will last you months even with regular use.

Be a scrap saver

Not all of us have enough toiletries budget for a year-round supply of bath essentials and while some does, they still don’t enjoy being badgered by dilemmas of ran out supplies.

The quick, easy, and wisest solution to this problem is scrapping. We know it’s impossible to feel clean by using a tiny soap particle which, for the record, should already be thrown away. But what we’re suggesting is this: collect all your scraps and place them in a soap bag and once you feel that you have enough, you can use it again for a great cleansing bath experience.

Very doable, right?

DIY liquid soaps

If you’re a fan of shower gels and liquid soaps, then why not make one of your own?

With today’s wide collection of goat milk based bar soaps, you’re free to choose a soap which can specifically meet your needs and tend to your skin type. From peppermint to a sexy citrus, you’re sure to have a say in what natural smell you like to sport during the day.

Just cut your bar of choice into small, manageable pieces and dilute them in a jar or a reusable hand soap bottle to make a foamy liquid soap. You can save some parts of the bar for future use.

Make you to adjust and tinker with the consistency of the formulation and you’re good to go.

Cure your soap

Goat milk soap bars, like every handmade soap, are most likely already cured. However, this is still a good precautionary step to do if you really want to make the most out of your favorite bath essential.

Honestly, we don’t think a little more patience would hurt.

So what you need to do is unwrap and let the soap cure for at least 6 to 8 weeks. This might be hard to do if you don’t have enough stocks of your bar soap but convenient enough if you’ve planned ahead of time.

Remember that curing increases your bar soap’s chance to survive without turning into mush upon exposure to water so it’s really worth a try.

It’s true that there are a lot of possible ways to make your goat milk soap last a lifetime.

But as with everything, it starts with you.