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Top Five Proven Avocado Uses

Top Five Proven Avocado UsesAvocado, a pear shaped fruit native to Central and South America, has grown in these areas since 8,000 BC. It was introduced to Jamaica during the mid-17th century and spread through the tropical Asian regions in the mid-1800s. It was only during the early 20th century, that the fruit was finally introduced to the United States.

Today, avocado is no longer just known as a main ingredient in guacamole.

As a matter of fact, both health conscious individuals and beauty enthusiasts already discovered the incredible amount of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in the wonderful fruit.

While the benefits of avocado are already known to many, we believe a serious review of the best proven uses of the fruit will be beneficial to the skeptic and uninformed crowd.

Through our thorough discussion, we are confident that you’ll find just how amazingly helpful this fruit is. It may not be a miracle fruit but it can sure do a lot for your health and body.

Top Avocado Uses

Find out what this miracle fruit can do for you

1. Anti-aging face mask

Avocado has a very powerful array of anti-aging properties. Both avocado flesh and oil are high in antioxidants which strongly benefits the skin by destroying the free radicals that prematurely age it. 

Avocados can penetrate deep inside our cell structures, enter the mitochondria and activate its energy production, which then allows cells to function properly even while being constantly attacked by free radicals.

Free radicals are generated by pollutants such as UV from the sun, smoke, traffic fumes, and even as a result of the body’s normal metabolism. Such can easily be destroyed by rubbing avocado oil into the skin.

So if you want to keep a youthful glow, consider using avocado as a natural face mask for a natural detoxification process that will leave you with wrinkle-free and very supple skin.

2. Skin moisturizer

Avocado UsesAside from ageless skin, avocado can also help you achieve rejuvenated skin, keep you protected from harmful sunlight, and treat various skin conditions effectively.

The fatty acid found in avocado oil helps protect the skin by preventing the evaporation of water from the skin surface. This permits fatty acids to increase the water content in the skin, keeping it moisturized, improving its elasticity and maintaining its good overall condition.

Avocado oils are almost like the natural oils found in our skin so its not really a surprise that can easily nourish and moisturize the skin despite the everyday wear-and-tear it has to go through.

Much has also been said on using avocado oil as natural sunscreen and ointment for sunburnt skin. The oil’s natural soothing and healing properties are known to provide proper skin restoration even after too much exposure to the sun.

Aside from avocado, another favorite among beauty enthusiasts is goat milk. With its proven benefits to the skin, goat milk has become a safe and easy answer to many skin dilemmas--from dry skin to eczema--and is now widely used in production of all natural beauty products. You can check out Gorgeous Soap’s collection of Goat milk based soaps here and find products that is suitable for your exact skin type.

3. Hair Conditioner

From treating dry, damaged, and frizzy hair to leaving your hair dandruff free, avocado has got you covered.

We have to admit that the track record of avocado in providing easy but effective answer to the natural hair dilemmas is quite expensive. Many have tried and have seen great results--indeed, the fruit is nature’s gift to each one of us.

It all boils down again to the natural oils and nutrients found in avocado.

These properties makes it a great treatment for dry and dull hair. An avocado mixed egg white is the most common hair mask recipe. Once massaged into the hair and scalp, your hair is sure to end up more manageable without the need, shiny, and definitely healthier without the need for a costly salon visit.

Aside from that, avocado oil is also known as an effective cure for dry and itchy scalp. Think dandruff and those ugly flakes. The amino acids and proteins found in avocado will penetrate the scalp and help nourish, heal and improve the scalp and hair’s overall condition.

If you’re quite unsure about avocado masks and thinks you can do away with the effort, you can also consider switching to an all-natural shampoo product to end your hair problems altogether. Why not get this shampoo bar for your light hair or oily hair? It’s accessible, light on the budget, effective and easier to use than any natural remedy you can experiment with.

4. Nail strengthener

avocado uses benefitsThis may not seem like a really big deal for many but there are some people out there who are struggling with the dilemma of brittle and unhealthy nails. When nails have inadequate moisture, they easily split and fracture like brightly colored fall leaves.

To prevent this, you have to add oil back to your nails to strengthen it.

At this point, we suggest you massage your nails and cuticles with avocado oil as part of your evening routine. In just a couple of days, we assure you that you will notice that your nails will become stronger and healthier. It’s really that easy.

5. Shaving cream

Last but not the least, avocado can be used as a natural shaving cream. This is a good news to many out there who just can’t handle the chemical-laden creams they have to deal with every single time.

You can easily use flesh of avocado as a wonderful calming and soothing shaving cream. Keep this in mind the next time you do your shaving rituals.

There you go. So the next time you do your grocery shopping, you might consider picking up your own stack of avocados to include in your health and beauty kit. It’s a cheap and effective answer to a lot of your dilemmas so we can bet you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

We can’t wait to hear your opinion about it.