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Liquid Soap VS Bar Soap - What’s Your Best Pick?

Bar SoapThere’s been a long, ongoing debate whether liquid soap or bar soap is a wiser buy.

Obviously, there are advocates for each party, and as a consumer, you would have a really hard time making a decision if you hear out both opinions.

Liquid soap or Bar soap? What’s really better?

There are key advantages and disadvantages for both soaps, and there’s really no clear choice as it depends on the consumer. But if you’re the type of person who wants to seriously evaluate your soapy situation, then this is the right place to start.

So… Which is better? Liquid or Solid?

Today you’ll find out the real score!


Liquid soap is a favorite for people who are always on the go. It’s popularity is primarily because of the fact that it’s easier to use. Just a few pumps and you can use it on your skin right away.

But what really sets it apart is the perception that liquid soap is more hygienic than bar soaps.

So let’s get to the bottom of that issue…

It is true that bar soaps may harbor bacteria. And if you’re not the only one using it, bacteria can be passed on to other users and that could spell some serious trouble.

With liquid soap, the risk of passing bacteria is totally eliminated. With the body wash safely secured in a bottle, all it takes is a few pumps to get the soap out. The liquid wash that you get is used up immediately on your body.

Another big perk of liquid soaps are its moisturizing effect. You can get to enjoy a smoother and healthier skin in just a few days of use.

In fact, based on our research, females are more inclined to use liquid soaps because of 3 key things: hygiene, moisturizing, and ease of use.

These are the key advantages of this product but that doesn’t mean it’s the runaway winner…


With Pros, comes the Cons…

Liquid soap may be touted as more hygienic than its counterpart, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely safe from bacteria with this soap.

The sponge or wash cloth you use to clean yourself be a channel in transferring bacteria. It attracts bacteria easily, and if not washed carefully, you might be inviting an entire army of fungi to join your next shower.

Another reason why liquid soaps aren’t a complete home run is because of it is has a tendency to cause skin irritation.

Take note that majority of liquid soaps are made with fragrances and other artificial ingredients. This may cause skin irritation and even skin dryness for some.

Although this happens on a case to case basis, you’re still not guaranteed of a smooth sailing experience with liquid washes.

Now that you have a better idea of exactly what liquid soaps can do for you, let’s move on to the other contender!

Check out our wide selection of organic and handmade bar soaps here.


After telling you that using a bar soap is not the most hygienic choice to make, what good can it still offer to consumers?

A lot actually.

Bar SoapsBar soaps are still favorites in the bathroom. Because it is a classic and has been around forever, most consumers are still married to the idea of taking a bath and cleaning their body using an ever reliable solid soap.

Where some people fall short though is choosing the right kind of bar soap.

Most consumers who are uninformed about the health benefits of products such as goat’s milk soap are still buying regular soap in stores. And I can’t blame them… The ones that are still heavily marketed are the artificial soaps that people have been using for years.

But I’m not going to dive deep into this because I want to tell you exactly why bar soap is better than liquid soap.

Bar soaps, if organic, such as goat’s milk soap, coconut oil soap, and cow’s milk soap are leaps and bounds better than liquid soap. That’s a fact.

Packed with tons of health benefits for the skin, these organic soaps can contribute to eliminating acne, eczema, and even other skin diseases such as psoriasis. These results cannot be achieved using the usual liquid soap.

But that’s the main caveat when it comes to bar soaps… It must be organic, preferably handmade to ensure that absolutely no artificial process or ingredients was in play during its creation.

At the end of the day, as a consumer, you want to be as clean as possible. And if bar soaps are scaring you because of the perceived transferring of bacteria from one person to another, then simply opt to go with organic goat’s milk soap and you’re good to go.


The only legitimate argument we can raise about not going for bar soaps is if it’s NOT ORGANIC.

I repeat, if the soap is not organic, you know, the ones you usually see in the market, then that’s a no go. It causes more harm to your skin than you can ever imagine.

But if the bar soap you’re getting is something like our handmade goat’s milk soap, then by all means go for it.


Sorry to break it to you, but at the end of the day, it still depends on personal preference. Liquid or bar, it really depends on your priorities.

But here’s our *slightly* biased suggestion… You’re better off with healthy bar soaps. And we’ve got plenty of them to choose from here!

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