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Calendula Benefits and 4 Best Uses for Your Health

Calendula BenefitsThe beautiful thing about advancement in technology is that no matter how far we go, we never really forget about our roots.

Pretty deep for an opening statement, huh? But it’s really interesting to think about, especially in the context of skin health.

Calendula is one of the oldest and most effective ingredients to a perfect skin. If Cleopatra had goat’s milk used as soap, then the regular (yet also beautiful) women of past generations had calendula to rely on for skin beautification.

At its core, calendula is an herb that specializes in skin health. It makes the skin beautiful, vibrant, and young. It was one of the favorite herbs of past generations because it literally has a wealth of health benefits. And the best part was that it can be grown in the backyard.

Unfortunately, as time went on, new products that emerged. As the world slowly moved to consumerism, artificial products have emerged and robbed us of natural, handmade products that we were all accustomed to.

Whitening soap jacked with glutathione, among other things, have become popular products for consumers because it is heavily advertised to work. Now if you’re still reading this blog post at this point, I’m quite sure that you understand that there is still no better way to secure a healthy skin than going all natural.

There are only a few companies like us who prioritize creating natural, handmade soaps. Most avoid it because it’s not as profitable as the artificial products that consumers are eager to buy. But you see, money isn’t the main motivation of Gorgeous Soap. We, genuinely want our customers to enjoy a healthy skin without compromising.

Why go for artificial, when you can actually enjoy affordable natural products like our calendula soap?

Now that I was able to give you a quick overview of the changing times, let’s put back our focus to calendulas and how you can benefit from it.

Health Benefits of Calendula

1.) Treats Skin Infections

Surprise, surprise!

Nothing beats germs and bacteria better than natural soaps and salves. Calendula can easily get rid of any pain or discomfort caused by skin infections.

Our calendula salve is proven to aid in a fast recovery for any skin irritation or infections such as rashes and wound cuts.

This happens because the antibacterial and immunostimulant properties of the calendula works its magic. Slow-healing cuts are tough to deal with, but with calendula, recovery will be faster than normal.

While you won’t exactly be like Wolverine, your wound will be able to heal pretty fast. And the best part -- the wound and the scars that are caused by it will also be minimized. This is due to the collagen that is produced by the herb.

WOW! I want my calendula healing salve now.

2.) Brightens Your Skin

calendula goat milk soapIf you’re suffering from plenty of blemishes, or other skin imperfections, you’d be glad to know that this herb can also help you tremendously in that area.

A major benefit of calendula is that it restores your skin’s health. This is one of the reasons why women dating back to the middle ages loved this herb.

Although times have changed, and there are more ways to use the product, it is still best used as a soap if you want to maximize its skin beautification properties.

We are offering a calendula goat milk soap for a very budget-friendly price. You can view the product here.

You can see results as early as a week of usage. After a while, you will be treated to a more vibrant and blemish-free skin.

If you plan on using it on your face, it is highly recommended to use the soap two to three times a day for best results. Use it once in the morning, in the afternoon, and before going to bed.

3.) Treats Fever and Sore Throat

Although you can’t expect any of our products to directly treat your fever; it is a known health benefit of calendula.

This is more of a testament to the power of this wonderful herb. It is capable of treating a lot of illnesses, including sore throat. Gargling water mixed with calendula has been proven to treat sore throat effectively.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer direct products that can give you these calendula benefits, but the next item will definitely intrigue you if you have a baby.

4.) Perfect for Diaper Rashes

calendula salveOne of the most painful things to bear is your child crying in the middle of night because of discomfort. As we all know, diaper rashes are normal and can’t be avoided. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat it right away.

With the help of our calendula salve, you can easily get rid of your baby’s diaper rashes. Within a few minutes upon usage, your child will feel more comfortable and be free from major discomforts.

So rather than relying on artificial lotion that can potentially cause more harm to your child’s skin, you’re better off using an all-natural calendula healing salve to get the job done.

In Closing…

Now that you have a better understanding of calendula and its health benefits, it’s high time that you consider having a few stocks at home.

Whether it’s for your personal use or for your baby, it can’t be denied that you will truly benefit from this wonderful product.