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The image of fresh spring gardens in full bloom is what comes to mind when the luscious scent of this goat's milk soap envelops your senses. Offering a bouquet of crisp white flower top notes, the fragrance is jam-packed full...

Our goat milk soaps should be back in stock in a week or two after the new batch is ready.

Our homemade goat milk soap will slough off old dead skin cells, revealing new, healthy skin underneath, to give you silky smooth skin and a radiant glow!

Goat Milk SoapEven sensitive skin types, like eczema, dermatitis and acne, benefit from our goat milk soap, with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and help skin heal. You’re going to love the way your skin feels each and every time you use our goat milk soap...

Our goats are raised in organic bluegrass pastures, and they produce the richest, creamiest goat’s milk that’s perfect for using in our goat milk soap! Goat’s milk’s anti-inflammatory and rehydrating properties soothe skin, even for sensitive skin, and replace moisture to sun or winter damaged skin, too! It even provides essential vitamins and minerals to nourish and re-hydrate your skin! The result is smooth, soft, silky skin that feels youthful and rejuvenated. Is there any better way to start off every morning!

You’re going to look so radiant and smell so good!