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Dull Hair Dilemmas: Why It Happens and What You Can Do About It

What really causes dull hair?If you’re having problems with your drying and very dull hair, this is not the day to fret and raise the white flag in defeat. You’re not hopeless. It happens to everybody. Yes, even to that hair commercial model who, for the record, doesn’t really have that unrealistically shiny hair.

But okay, maybe a small chunk of the population has naturally glossy hair and while we can’t help but admire them, it’s not a lost cause for us normal human beings. It’s possible to bring back your hair’s natural glow despite the trauma of salon procedures it has been subjected to.

What you need is a little education on proper hair care to propel you towards achieving our goal--and that’s why we’re here.

The objective is to pinpoint what exactly causes your your dry, lifeless hair and provide foolproof solutions to mitigate and improve your case.

For your part, you have to continue to be as intentional as possible. While taking care of your hair seems like one of the things you can get away with, soon enough you’ll realize that it’s actually the other way around.

Knowing you have a problem is the first step. And we’re happy you’re way past that by now. But to ensure your success, you have to commit to the goal, experiment a little, and trust our expertise on this matter.

So let’s start. 

What really causes dull hair?

The most common causes of lifeless hair may not come as a surprise to you anymore. It includes the usual culprits: diet, loss of excess natural oils, or plain disregard of the usual hair care routine, to say the least.

But to get to the bottom of your dilemma, let’s look further into each of these factors and find out where exactly you’re having trouble with.

You are born with it

It’s quite possible that your hair is naturally dry and frizzy. This may be due to rough cuticles of your hair shaft which does not reflect much light resulting to the absence of glow and dull look. Most people with naturally dry hair resort to various salon treatments which promises to bring more life to their hair. These procedures may include hair waxing, dyeing, straightening, and even rebonding.

Shampoo Bar for Light HairOur suggested solution: Don’t be afraid to experiment. The only way to find the best hair care product for you is to try products that will not strip your hair of its natural oils and provide it with needed moisture. But of course, never over do this part.

Homemade all natural shampoos are continuously gaining the respect of the market. You can start with this Shampoo Bar for Light Hair which is specially formulated for anyone who’s been struggling to restore their hair’s natural moisture and balance. From there, you can just add another natural conditioner to make sure everything will work as smoothly as possible.

This is my second time buying this shampoo bar and I really like it because it definitely helps my light hair and makes it look and feel very clean and shiny in a good way. Highly recommended! - Jacob South

Poor diet

Maybe you have not realized this yet, but poor diet directly affects the health of you hair. 

Your hair, just like your skin and every other complicated organ in your body, needs enough vitamins and nutrients for their nourishment. So as fun as it is to blatantly disregard our strict diet rules for a day or two, doing it regularly is a total no-no.

Our suggested solution: Incorporate enough protein in your diet. This is not hard as long as you properly plan your meals ahead of time--well, of course as long as your time permits you to. Be wise in choosing your food.

A meal of white meat like chicken or fish like tuna, when paired with green vegetables and fruits is already well balanced and will surely provide your hair the nutrients it deserves and even energy your body needs.

Loss of Natural Oils

The two most common culprit: too much shampooing and shampooing whenever you feel like it. 

If you’re wondering why your dull strands keep on ruining your life, why not look at the products you use? Yes, we’re talking about your shampoo.

While we have nothing against good personal hygiene, it’s also right to reassess--even once in awhile--if your hair care routine is doing more harm than good. Chances are, you’re using chemically-laden shampoo twice a day at a minimum just to make sure your hair is as clean as possible.

The horror of this routine is not lost on us.

You, who needs the natural oil for your hair’s premium look, cleanses everything away from your hair at a moment’s notice--and so the dilemma becomes a never-ending cycle.

And if we’ll be honest, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard about this countless of times already but decided to stick with your old ways because seriously, who doesn’t need a harsh anti-dandruff shampoo, right?

Our suggested solution: We’ve said this already but we’ll say it again: the wisest move you can do is to go all natural. Homemade products are specifically made to answer the needs of commercial shampoo users.

The incorporation of natural ingredients such as chamomile and other natural herbs and oils provide numerous proven benefits to the hair such as the removal of build-up of hair products, natural moisturizing and conditioning effects, and even dandruff control and removal. This Chamomile Shampoo Bar does exactly that and aims to give your hair the silky soft, shiny, bouncy and manageable feel it needs.

So I purchased several soap bars for gifts and wanted to try out the shampoo bar for myself. Omg. First of all, all of the soaps smell amazing and I was so happy to find several small version samples! The shampoo is absolutely amazing and I no longer need to use conditioner in my hair. Life changing lol my hair has never looked/felt healthier. - Maiah

Reckless grooming habits

Yes, even the way you brush your hair, expose it to blow drying, and sleep it on directly contributes to its poor condition and lack of luster. It may seem harmless--maybe even normal--but the damage these habits may cause in the long run is still highly extensive.

Our suggested solution: Be gentle as much as possible. When brushing your hair it is advised to start mid-length to the ends. Less blow drying, the better. But if you really need it, make you the nozzle is pointed downwards, it is on low heat and placed at a distance of around 15 cm from your head.

And if the budget permits, you can switch to a satin pillowcase to ensure lesser friction during your nighttime tossing and turning.

Now that we’ve brushed upon the reasons behind your dull hair dilemma and provided you with proven methods to put an end to your misery, we’re confident you’re well on your way to achieve the glossy hair that will soon be an envy of everybody.

We can’t wait to hear about your success. Goodluck!