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All You Need to Know About Jewelweed

Learn About Jewelweed Benefits and Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out!

Jewelweed may be something that you’re reading or hearing about for the first time. If you’ve encountered it before, then you’re probably in the minority, but kudos to you!

Today, I’ll be talking about jewelweed and its great health benefits. So read on if you want to learn more.

What is Jewelweed?

Before anything else, let’s first define what Jewelweed is.

Jewelweed is a plant that is popular for its skin healing attributes. It is dubbed by some as a miracle plant because it is used by herbalists for treating plant induced rashes such as poison ivy and oak. It is literally a heal all counter-reacting plant that combats the negative reaction caused by other plants.

In a way, it can be considered as some sort of “antidote” for these kinds of skin issues.

But that’s not all… Jewelweed is also known for treating various kinds of dermatitis which makes it popular as an ingredient for facial and body soaps.

Here at Gorgeous Soap, we often dub jewelweed as Mother Nature’s antidote to poisonous inflictions, such as poison ivy, poison oak, and stinging nettle.

As a consumer, you must be wondering how exactly jewelweed is good for you. After all, you don’t really need to suffer from poison ivy before you can take advantage of this soap and salve’s benefits.

So let’s save you the trouble and run down some of the health benefits of jewelweed to give you all the information you will need.

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#1 Say Goodbye to the Itch

jewelweed goat milk soapSkin irritation sucks. The constant itchiness and soreness is too much to bear; unless we scratch. But that’s the thing… scratching does you no good. In fact, scratching and rubbing itchy skin can potentially harm you further. You are running the risk of spreading the irritation (or poison) to the other parts of your skin.

And for this, the answer is jewelweed.

Jewelweed goat milk soap and salve can literally relieve itching and blistering skin within minutes. Because it is authentic, handmade, and natural, we were able to produce a jewelweed soap and salve that truly works.

If you are suffering from skin itchiness, all you have to do is use the salve and you’ll be fine after a little while. So it’s time for you to say no to scratching your itch!

#2 Combat Heat Rash

Excessive heat, especially during summer time, can really cause skin to dry up; and in result, it makes your skin itchy.

Luckily, jewelweed salve can counter the harsh effects of the summer heat. This is why it’s suggested for you to purchase some and keep stock at home. This will be especially helpful during summer, or if you travel to tropical countries. Trust me, this will come in handy.

#3 Skin Nourishing at its Finest

For something that does so many good things to your skin, you’d assume that its effects start and end with the “healing” aspect; but not quite.

Not known to many, jewelweed can actually help moisturize the skin. It allows the skin to stay nourished, soft, and healthy. The healing oils actually help your skin become more immune to further damage, and also strengthens the skin’s structure.

You can think of it as vitamins that helps you strengthen the immune system. Only this time we’re talking about jewelweed and your skin.

All You Need, All Year Round

Now that you understand what this great product can do, the next course of action is to buy some.

And no, this isn’t an attempt at shameless plugging. Well, if it was, you’ll still thank us later! Kidding aside; our company continues to produce jewelweed salve because we know how much it can help consumers.

This product is not available in the open market most of the time. And even if you do see one, they are mostly artificial; which means, it doesn’t have most of its healing power and health benefits.

Because jewelweed is such a versatile solution, it is highly suggested that you have some ready at home in case of emergency. Having a couple at your safekeep can prove to be beneficial to you down the road.

Again, not just because it is Mother Nature’s antidote to all poisonous skin inconveniences, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for other things. You will still be able to use it as you please if you want to have a healthier and more vibrant skin.

Do take note that jewelweed salve can also heal bruises, burns, and cuts, which can happen quite often. This will prove to be very helpful, especially if you have children at home.

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So do yourself and your family a favor; don’t miss out. It’s an important piece that every household would love to have. Now go on ahead and get yourself some jewelweed today!

Jewelweed Benefits